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ETI works with clients to help them transform their vision into comprehensive services, solutions, and technology.


ETI's expert staff are able to review complex problem sets and offer unique solutions to satisfy outstanding requirements to vet
and identify potential industry
and academic institutions.

Immediate solutions for the battlefield, law enforcement,
and educational practitioners



ETI's trained and experienced professionals can support your unique training needs through research, design, and development, by matching you to industry partners and identifying resources.

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems [UAS] & Unmanned Ground Vehicles [UGV]

    • Maintenance

    • Build Classes

    • Long-range Flight

    • First Responder Disaster Relief UAS Reconnaissance

    • Conducting low visibility UAS reconnaissance on barricaded subject/drug house

    • Counter Small Unmanned Aerial System – UAS

  • Electronic Warfare

  • Cyber Space Operations

  • Information Operations

  • Defeat the Network


ETI offers the largest indoor Small Unmanned Aerial System - SUAS -  flight space a well as a secure facility that can be tailored to each client’s specific needs – both indoor and out.  The facility includes a 156,000 sq. ft. building, 47 acres outdoor area, and an additional 600 acres at a satellite location.

  • Multi-Domain Operations
    [MDO] Training

    • Operating in an EMS contested environment

  • 156,000 Sq. Ft. Building

    • Conference Room

    • Flight Rooms

    • Open Bays

    • Work Areas

    • Demonstration Areas

    • Modular Training Areas

  • 47 Acres Outdoor Area

    • Mobility Course

    • Air Space

    • Technology Range

    • Wooded and Open Areas

    • Flat Range


ETI uses relationship with academic partners and STEM educators to  prepare future leaders and soldiers to fight in a technology enabled world.  ETI brings their expertise on complex problems to provide immediate solutions for the battlefield, law enforcement, and educational practitioners.


  • Drone Competitions/Events

  • Mobile Training Team

  • STEM Learning Events

  • STEM Integration

  • Synthetic Training

  • EW Training Support

  • Counter UAS Support

  • Reduced Airspace Restrictions

  • UAS Operations

  • FAA UAS part 107 Certified Pilots

  • Evaluation of experimental and new technology

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